Conan Exiles improves Siptah with more NPCs, new Purges, new factions, and an offline mode

By Crom's something-or-other.

The latest update for Conan Exiles is out now for PC players, and it’s chiefly focused around a pretty big revamp to the Isle of Siptah. Broadly, this is split between two different sides of things. One is adding new stuff to the island, which includes more NPC camps, more factions, and points of interest across the landscape. All of this will give you new things to do. The other side is revamping the stuff that’s already there, like changing Surges to no longer destroy your buildings, Vaults becoming level 60 dungeons, and Wild Surges being replaced outright with the Purge.

That’s not to say everything in the update is confined to Siptah, however. For example, wherever your wanderings bring you in the game, players can take advantage of the game’s new sprinting attacks, adding an additional element into the game’s combat. There’s also a new offline mode for single-player games, ensuring that you can play the game even if you can’t be online for a bit. Check out the full patch notes for all the details on what the update brings.


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