Lord of the Rings Online’s Wildwood update is here with new quests, instances, and the spring festival

It’s patch day over in Lord of the Rings Online – everyone come to me! I mean to Bree! Bree-land! Because that’s where the new Wildwood stuff is! OK, now that I’ve made it weird for you to make it less weird for me, here’s what’s actually in today’s big LOTRO patch. This is update 29, and yes, it introduces the Wildwood of Bree, an area technically situated in a core lowbie map – but this one works for highbies.

“Beyond the Bree-fields lies the lightly travelled wilderness of the Wildwood. This heavily forested area has drawn the attention of two groups of Free Peoples who vie for its resources. The League of the Axe, a group of game hunters and miners down on their fortunes, seek to tap the land’s resources and ferry their bounty down the Brandywine from Trader’s Wharf to markets abroad. Meanwhile, a group of villagers in Trestlebridge have formed the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood, with the goal of taking advantage of the Wildwood to benefit the folk of Bree-land and rebuild Trestlebridge to its former glory. Both factions must decide the fate of the Wildwood as they work against unsavory Brigands and the Tarkrîp Orcs.”

Update 29 also introduces two new three-player scaling instances and associated deeds, free to subbers or buyable piecemeal. Do note that their associated deeds are available in their early format only for six weeks or so, at which point they change to their permanent versions, so if you want the early bird versions, get them now.

And of course, the spring festival is live, with the new festival boss popping up tomorrow alongside the Bee’s Big Business festivity instance. That event rolls on until April 6th.

Definitely check out the rest of the patch notes; there are class tweaks, fixes for some housing issues, and plenty more. There’s a launch trailer too! SSG busting out its trailer chops.


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Stormsong Minstrel
Stormsong Minstrel

For me, Maze area was unplayable. Teleported here: looooong loading screen. Then me. Some half-colourless mist around, cannot move, cannot see anything, except this mist. Minutes pass, mist goes on. Finally, I can see my toon, some NPCs with rings. Cannot move. Minutess pass untill I can click on NPC. Then – nothing happens, everything happens really slow. I move away from NPCs – only when I am far from them, I hear their response.
Heck, even Hultvis lagged. My guess – one part of server grinds new region, another part – festival.
Absolutely wrong advertising of “missions of Big bee”. These are no missions, festival has zero missions. It’s just instance, seemingly problematic one. Of course, many people expected Elderslade type missions, since these are missions…not instances, quests…
There were few lucky ones that did not lag. Most of other players reported lag, sometimes normal, sometimes hard.
Such is festival – senseless one, laggy, but who cares? Not devs.


Seems to have been a smooth launch. Rode through it and it’s not a large area, nor are there that many places there, but it looks and feels like Breeland, and after 13 years it’s nice to see paths where there before there were cliffs. Riding up from Starmere lake for example, not just via on the roads shown on the maps.

Jeremy Barnes

Hey and the servers haven’t even become an unplayable mess for months. Way to go, SSG!

Matthew Yetter

Hush! Don’t jinx it.

Kickstarter Donor

I think the implication was that the update itself didn’t cause the game to become unplayable for months, not that it hasn’t been already, but that’s just assuming.