Neverwinter’s Sharandar: Iron Tooth episode has officially launched on PS4 and Xbox One

It’s a happy week for console MMO players, as not only can Black Desert consolers begin designing their very own Sage, but two big content drops that were previously playable only by PC gamers have finally landed on the console versions. One of those games is Neverwinter, where Sharandar’s first episode, Iron Tooth, rolled out to PS4 and Xbox One players yesterday after some persistent tech issues on PS4 in particular that seem to be blocking some players from logging in.

Those who can get in will want to know that as we covered for PC, this episode includes the Ruins of Malabog adventure zone, the new Sharandar social hub, the Annis Hag Lair, and Vault of Stars for endgamers.

“The Keeper of Souls marks the second phase of adventures in the new version of the Mystical Lands of Sharandar, discovered in-game during its very first expansion in 2013: Fury of the Feywild. She will send the adventurers to the Revived Garden to find out why the dead have taken over the area. This new installment will bring new features to Sharandar, including new heroic encounters and new adventure zones to explore in a reworked setting, a new ominous hag, new rewards and more!”

Episode 2: Guardian of Souls will hit consoles May 13th, so you’ve got a couple months to loaf around in this one.

Source: Press release
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