Phantasy Star Online 2 introduces an ultra hard fight against the Face of the Abyss


If the headline for this particular bit of Phantasy Star Online 2 content makes things sound rather dire, that would be by design, as one of the recently added Urgent Quests beseeches players to “let the love and aspirations of those [they] care about empower [them] with light, that we might chase this darkness back from whence it came.” So basically, this will probably be a hard fight.

This new Urgent Quest is only available at ultra hard difficulty, meaning players that have reached level 85 on both a main and sub class should even consider entering. Furthermore, the announcement post warns players should have the Hunter Skill Iron Will or S4: Steely Determination, along with plenty of Moon Atomizers and Mate items. For those who are successful in this challenge, there are a variety of powerful weapons with equally potent Weapon Potentials, high-tier armor, and powerful Augments available as loot.

This new quest is part of a variety of new content added to PSO2, including a new round of Campaigns for March, some spring-themed scratch tickets, and the game’s one year global anniversary event.

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