RIFT’s 10th birthday is here, but it ignores the elephant in the room

Party until the curtains come down


With the desperate, frenzied actions of a parent trying to redirect a kid’s attention away from tragedy, Gamigo invites one and all to RIFT’s 10th anniversary events this week.

The fantasy MMORPG, which launched on March 1st, 2011, is marking the occasion belatedly with a bartender scavenger hunt that involves making a QR code from clues, scanning it, and using the ensuing information to find a specific in-game character, taking a picture of said character, and posting that screenshot on the forums to win a birthday gift pack. It’s creative, if convoluted.

Of course, this doesn’t quite distract players from the shadow hanging over RIFT these days. In February, Gamigo announced the sunset of Defiance, leading us to wonder whether RIFT might be next on the chopping block. March brought sad tidings that RIFT did suffer developer layoffs, although the studio insists that the MMO is “contributing a great deal” to the operations of the overall company.

Source: RIFT
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