Crayta is a newer, Fortniteyer Roblox, and it’s now live on the Epic Games Store


If Roblox hasn’t already permanently taken the “games-within-a-game” spot in your heart – or on your kids’ devices – then you might want to take a peek at its most likely competitor: Unit 2 Games’ Crayta.

Launched last summer as a Stadia exclusive, the game looks like a Roblox and Fortnite mash-up; it essentially allows players to build their own games, play other people’s creations, or both, “from team-based shooters and obstacle courses to farming simulators and cooking games.” In practice, though, it shares another element in common with Roblox, that being the low number of truly great offerings, at least according to early Stadia reviewers.

Since then, the game launched as a free-to-play offering on Stadia and most recently launched on PC through the Epic Games Store last week. It’s also added a battlepass with cosmetics and overall experience ladder meant to replace the old daily progression system. There’s a whole lineup of various paid editions, but if you just want to check it out, the EGS starter pack is totally free.

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