Final Fantasy XIV posts the first iteration of the special site for patch 5.5, Death Unto Dawn

You know what Aymeric and Raubahn look like. Fill them in mentally.

The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV arrives in just under a month, and that means it’s high time for players to scope out some of what’s coming next with the first iteration of the patch’s special site. It’s a bit bare-bones at the moment, but it does show off the key art for the next patch with all of the major leaders in the Eorzean Alliance along with the feature list for those who have missed bits and pieces.

Aside from the new MSQ installments everyone will expect and the PlayStation 5 open beta, the patch on April 13th features a new dungeon (Paglth’an), the final installment in the YoRHa raids, the new trial against Diamond Weapon on the Cloud Deck, a new Unreal trial, a new Bozjan battlefield dubbed Zadnor, and other new quests and rewards for players. There’s no doubt to be more to preview before the patch actually goes live, but now you have a direct reference for what comes next.


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Off topic but I finally jumped into FF14 with both feet and have been thrilled by the story, world, and community. Thanks for the recommendation!