Past Fate’s new video series shows off the alpha’s new dynamic combat and gloomy New Harbor


This week, Icy North Games began a new series of dev videos that give players a glimpse into the current state of Past Fate’s development – this first one in particularly showing off the latest alpha patch. The walkthrough starts in an area called New Harbor, which is gloomy and dank and has apparently been made even more gloomy and dank thanks to darker stories and quests. On display are quest popups, water and fog effects, stone and woodland and wetland areas, archery mechanics, undead enemies, a miniboss, and improved dynamic combat. The Diablo II vibe is strong thanks to the music, though of course this is a truly 3-D MMOs.

“We are working to bring this update to our closed alpha players as fast as possible, as well as having our third open alpha,” the devs say. “We will be adding new custom weapons, enemies, and armor, increasing the size of the world by adding more areas, hunts, and dungeons. Instanced and open PvP will be added along with the second faction.”

Past Fate had a successful Kickstarter run last summer, hauling in just over $25,000 with just a few hundred backers. The medieval open-world MMO is expecting to launch late next year.

Source: YouTube
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