Starbase discusses the creation of new tools and new devices in latest updates

Fun fact, you can say this to the same cadence as the old 'Sega' callout from the Genesis era startup screens.

We’re back with another peek into the ongoing development of Starbase, the building-focused space sandbox being crafted by Finnish studio Frozenbyte. First up, the past couple of weekly updates have the usual extremely specific development alerts like work on Ship Diagnostic Scanner and Salvage Collector tools, continued work on easy build mode, the end of empty weapon magazines clogging up inventories, and initial resource network support for gas materials that are due to arrive to the game at some time later.

On top of the weekly updates, Starbase has put out a recent development video that takes a deep dive into new devices such as the Reconstruction Machine (a buildable spawn point), the 3-D Printer, and a Transpoder that lets players determine whether their name or their station’s name is visible to others. As with all things Starbase, the video gets into some extremely fine detail, so sit back and enjoy the hyper-minutia after the break.

sources: official forums (1, 2), YouTube

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