The first part of Dual Universe’s ‘biggest beta update’ arrives with fancier graphics and better jetpacks


Better-looking eye candy? Jetpacks that perform as expected? Wallets to organize all of your hard-earned currency? Yes, please, and pile on some more of that delicious Dual Universe 0.24 patch while you’re at it!

The first part of the space sandbox’s “biggest update since beta began” last summer is now live on the servers. The 0.24 update includes better tree and rock models for “maximum realism,” additional voxel features (such as cone shapes), wallets for organizations, and more functional jetpacks.

“Joining an organization in Dual Universe has many advantages, especially when it comes to pooling and sharing resources,” the studio posted. “The introduction of org wallets in the 0.24 update will add a convenient way to transfer money to and from organizations, just as players have been requesting.”

Novaquark said that it decided to hold back the mission system to a later phase for more internal work.


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Francis Baud

Nice to see a big patch hitting Beta! I found it funny though that the visual improvement for the forest was apparently to replace all deciduous trees with conifers =P It looks good anyway!


Kudos to whoever decided to use a recreation of Star Citizen’s Kraken in this trailer.

Chronic Enigma
Chronic Enigma

I also noticed the mission ship looks alot like the Drake Buzzard salvage ship. Someone likes Starcitizen who makes videos for this game.

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This is excellent news. I loved the flexibility Dual Universe offers, but the planets were just so eye-wateringly ugly and primitive that it wasn’t enjoyable to play.

I’m very much looking forward to checking this out.