ArcheAge welcomes spring with the Cherry Blossom Festival


Is there a more welcome sign of spring than the mass blooming of cherry blossom trees? Such flowering doesn’t just occur in real life; it happens in our virtual ones as well. Yesterday, both versions of ArcheAge kicked off their annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which will continue all the way until April 1st.

Players will need to make their way to the PvP-free Villanelle via portals to participate in the festivities. With 11 achievements and a whole lot of cherry-themed rewards to earn, there’s a lot to keep anyone busy.

“From tending to the cherry blossom trees to fending off a troublesome bee, there will be plenty to keep you busy. There will be six daily quests for your participation in to receive Cherry Blossom Coins,” the studio said. “There will also be one normal quest that can be done: Defeat the Gigantic Honeybee when it shows up to ruin the festival.”

Source: ArcheAge

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