Frozen Flame introduces a prologue, a new starter location, and an updated combat system


While the axiom says you never get a second chance to make a first impression, the opening hours of multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame would beg to differ as the game’s latest early access update has made a number of changes to the starting experience.

First off, the update has added a prologue that tells the story of the assault upon the Citadel of the Frozen Flame in the game’s fiction. Once the prologue is complete, players move on to a new location known as the Cradle of Keepers, where players can take on some more challenging Cursed foes as well as find Idols that must receive an offering to open a portal to the Ancient Valley, though the fourth pillar needed to open this portal will be added in a later update. Incidentally, the devs at Dreamside Interactive plan on releasing the new prologue as a standalone demo at a later date.

The update has also added new Obelisks to the world that will grant Memory Shards to players that complete associated challenges, introduced combat system updates that include attacks that can stun or knockdown opponents, and added some new character customization features. The full notes offer all of the details.

source: Steam

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