PlanetSide 2 announces delays for PTS testing and release for Chapter 3


For those players of PlanetSide 2 who are eager for Chapter 3’s release, there’s some bad news. The game’s lead designer has reported that the new update is being pushed back in order to “hit the quality bar” that the devs want. This means that the PTS launch of the update is obviously not meeting its March 17th target and that the overall update’s release is being shuffled back to sometime in late April.

While this does mean that Chapter 3 won’t be arriving as expected, this does give the devs an opportunity to share what’s being worked on now. To that point, the post continues to describe the update’s Containment Site facility while also taking care not to spoil sub-objectives found within the area. The post also promises that the new update will make adjustments to the continent of Esamir as a whole, with a handful of new bases, alterations to the lattice, and changes to existing bases to help smooth out some of the rough spots introduced in Chapter 1.


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How hard is this game that they need post-traumatic stress testing?