Wild Terra 2’s newest patch adds criminal status, more farming crops, and a new combat skill

Good job, guy!

Good news to all innocent players who don’t want your stuff ruined in Wild Terra 2: The game’s latest patch has added something to help you! This sounds like good news until you notice that it’s just flagging people who do untoward things as “criminals” and give them a risk to lose items even in otherwise safe zones, which is the exact same gameplay mechanic that has been tried in countless PvP titles without having the actual desired effect upon player behavior whatsoever, but it is strictly speaking better than nothing! In a way.

The patch doesn’t just add that particular non-starter, though; the game has also gained 10 new crops to cultivate with farming. There’s also a new skill to master for combat as the first pass of combat revisions has taken place, which includes new abilities under various skill lines and reworks to monster aggression and combat balance. Check out the full rundown of patch changes to get a sense of what’s been changed across the board.

Source: Steam

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Y’know, if not for the PvP, this game sounds fun. But FORCED PvP on someone who uses a mechanic that the game allows to take something, is even worse…guess I won’t ever give it a chance.


Who had a criminal flagging system other than UO?

Tera somewhat did for PvP, but not really in the same sense as UO.
I guess you could argue ESO has one, but also, not really applicable to player interaction.