A3: Still Alive introduces a cross-server battleground and a new equipment dungeon in latest update


Mobile MMO A3: Still Alive, as its name suggests, is about staying alive through challenges meted out by the game’s environment and others in PvP, but perhaps you’ve found staying alive a bit too easy. Perhaps, then, you’re ready to take on the Velangort Fortress, a new cross-server battlefield added in the game’s latest update that pits the top eight guilds from each of the game’s two servers for special rewards and server-wide buffs. This new encounter opens every Thursday and allows for as many as 800 people in one knockdown, drag-out fight.

For those looking for new gear, the update has also introduced a new equipment dungeon that features higher-level items in an enhanced environment. This new dungeon can be played normally or in the Alive Mode autoplay feature.

In addition to these main attractions, the newest update adds three legendary Soul Linkers, transcendence for Legendary Shus, new floors in the Dark Lighthouse dungeon, and a wide variety of in-game events. More information can be read in the patch notes.

source: press release

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