OrbusVR plans a beta for its hard mode raid, new quests, and balancing for tanks and healers in next updates


Whether it’s taking on harder content, exploring new farms, or tanking and healing, OrbusVR has plans for the game’s next couple of patches, all of which were laid out in the game’s latest dev blog.

The post kicks things off with content arriving on April 6th, which is headlined by a week-long beta test of the hard mode of Orbus’ raid, after which the full hard mode raid will go live on April 13th. As one might expect, the fights will be harder and the rewards will be sweeter, though rewards won’t be doled out during the beta. Other features of this next update will include fixes to address broken mechanics and instruments for the Bard class, a variety of new farms in Highsteppe that will feature a variety of new sidequests, and a number of bug fixes.

After that patch releases, the devs will be working on the next update, which will introduce some balancing tweaks for tanks and healers. These adjustments won’t be making any major reworks to talents or mechanics, but they will be taking a look at aggro retention and healing numbers to ensure that all classes are viable at their specific position when doing all content. This update will also introduce new tools for players to report, mute, and block players.

source: Orbus blog

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Pheeb Hello

I played it for 5 mins, wasn’t impressed… they’re just trying to make what we’ve already played but in VR. Rec Room is still the best multiplayer game I’ve ever played in VR, we need something more like that influencing MMOs in VR.

Though Rec Room has one problem and that’s kids playing, it makes the whole experience really weird, we need like 16+ servers. You also have to worry about what you say because so many kids will be around and you cannot control it.


Dear OrbusVR, please reach out to Sony and get yourself on the PS5. Thank you in advance.