Datamining unearths new mount skins, cosmetics, minions, and Artifact set for RIFT’s Carnival of the Ascended


The 10th anniversary of RIFT is still rolling on despite concerns players likely still harbor about the game’s immediate future after Gamigo slashed the game’s developer head count and sunsetted several other games (while also promising the MMO is still contributing to Gamigo’s bottom line), and no more is that evident than the arrival of the annual Carnival of the Ascended event, which is reportedly in closed testing at this time. If you’re curious what’s waiting for the 10th anniversary edition of this event, then some datamined details from fellow blog The Ghar Station has you covered.

The datamining found six new mount skins — three for Guardians and three for Defiant; a new 10th anniversary cape as well as a helm that actually is a big ruffly collar; two new backpacks; six new minions with a series of quest steps tied to them; new achievements; an anniversary cake; and a new eight-piece Hero Generation Artifact set, which has a client database name that references IAs, meaning earning this set could involve taking part in the activity. More details are likely to come as the slightly awkward celebration rolls on, but we at least players know that this regular event is still en route.


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