RuneScape isn’t resuming updates today after all, puts all focus on account repair


RuneScape’s server woes continue this week, though there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. MMO gamers will recall that at the beginning of March, Jagex took down the servers and rolled them back, then held off planned content updates for both versions of the game, all to correct multiple issues with the login servers. As the troubles wore on, it became clear that some game accounts were going to need surgical repairs.

As of Friday, the team said it was still working on the problem, with plan to begin an “invite-only Account Integrity Review Beta” tomorrow (Tuesday, March 23rd). You’ve probably already gotten an invite if you’re affected, though this is one of those betas that isn’t going to be much fun. And for those of you not affected, well, you’ve still been affected as the game’s update cadence has gone out the window. While Jagex initially said it hoped to have content rollouts starting up again today, it’s backtracked on that idea following feedback given during its weekly stream.

“What we’ve seen tonight is a spirit among so many of you – impacted or not – that you want to stand shoulder to shoulder together with your fellow citizens and enjoy major content releases at the same time. I got this call wrong and thank you for letting us know how you feel. However, reflecting on this situation, we also know it’s important to the community that any decision to delay major game content releases does not come at the cost of any content plans for the year. This is a balance we’ll be bearing in mind and we’ve seen some great suggestions from all of you on where we can potentially draw that line.”

“We will do right by anyone who’s been impacted by this issue,” the studio has promised, saying that it’ll extend subs and so forth to make sure no one is penalized.

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I assume this doesn’t effect accounts that you haven’t been playing during this debacle..?

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Standing Stone Games should use this as a template the next time LOTRO has something wrong with it. Jagex doing infinitely better communication over three weeks than they did with one.