Discord is rumored to be in negotiations for a potential $10 billion sale to Microsoft


Remember when Discord servers weren’t basically the foundation of every single video game community online? Those were good times. It also meant that people would be less worried about the news that Discord is apparently in discussions for a potential sale for $10 billion to Microsoft, although the reports on whether or not that’s likely to happen are conflicted to say the least.

According to VentureBeat, the deal is in the final stages of negotiation; according to Bloomberg, the company is more likely to go public rather that be sold to another company. It would certainly make sense for Microsoft to be in talks to buy the company given the overall aggressive moves that Microsoft has made recently, but at this time no one appears to be willing to confirm or deny the rumors. Still, the rumors alone are going to have some impacts on players and communities.

Source: VentureBeat, Bloomberg via GamesIndustry.biz; thanks to Vanquesse and Anon for the tips!
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