TERA’s console version is adding the Elin Valkyrie on March 25

Let's pretend this looks cool.

The next patch for the console version of TERA is only a couple of days away, and it brings with it the option to make your Valkyrie into an Elin. No, really, you can just change your race if you want to with a race change voucher. Or you can make a new Elin Valkyrie. We’re not telling you how to live your life, we’re just watching and silently judging the decisions you make with your console characters. Don’t mind us.

For those of you who opt to have little to nothing to do with the new class option, the next patch still has content for you with a variety of dungeon adjustments. Shadow Sanguinary will be opened, as will the Training Ground and the Manglemire event dungeon, and Antaroth’s Abyss will be closing shop while other dungeon difficulties are adjusted. Check out the full patch notes right now if you want to get a preview ahead of the actual patch day on March 25th.

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