Fallout 76’s Q&A session talks about social features, pets, and field trips


A yearly forecast is always good for some renewed excitement, and Fallout 76 is taking advantage of any and all eyeballs on its post-apocalyptic offerings by answering follow-up questions from the community.

Tuesday’s Reddit AMA mainly focused on filling in gaps left with the 2021 roadmap. The studio team hinted at more server settings for subscribers and additional allies and “fun things in the works” for the pet system. Bethesda also said that it still has “big plans” for expeditions, including taking players outside of the current game map.

We also got an explanation as to why the studio hasn’t been making or selling many new character customization options: “They have a largely negative affect on in game performance, and they’re hard to make. That said, I’d still like to add more in the future if we can solve the technical problems related to them.”

And what about guilds, text chat, and mail? “Social features are critical to the future of Fallout 76. It’s still too early to discuss details, but yes, we’re going to add new functionality in the future!”

Source: Reddit

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Most antisocial multiplayer game I have ever played still has no date when developers are planning to add official text chat support, despite unofficial chat mod existing for several years. Pathetic. Just like not providing users ability to host their own custom servers with any mods and any amount of players the users want to have, with potential for users to build huge bases which would not disappear unless the server is reset manually and ability to have large battles with several dozens of players over those bases, using drivable combat vehicles or whatever else the modders would be able to add.

Fallout 76 could’ve been as popular as games like Rust and Valheim if Bethesda provided proper support for it. Instead it’s still an abomination of multiplayer game liked only by limited amount of Fallout universe fans who are just interested in running repetitive quests and collecting crafting components and not interested in socializing with strangers except a couple of close friends. Nothing is wrong if you are one of those people, it just disappoints me greatly because I like seeing large amount of people in games and I like socializing with strangers through text chat.


That’s the dream.

Dug From The Earth

Kinda excited about all the new stuff they will be adding.

Now, if they could just give me a video option to disable that ridiculous “wet and shiny” look everything has, ill be a happy C.A.M.P.er

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