RuneScape eyes March 29 for its next update as account repairs continue, OSRS introduces a fishing skill boss


RuneScape continues to wrestle with its weeks-long repair of accounts after the MMORPG’s login servers had a spectacular meltdown that has forced Jagex to delay its usual weekly update cadence and roll forward with a so-called Account Integrity Beta.

On the subject of the next update, that’s been rescheduled once more to Monday, March 29th, bringing with it the annual Spring Festival and Pi-Mas combat improvements, while the Account Integrity Beta has kicked off its third week of invites. For those who could miss out on the Spring Festival due to their accounts being locked out, those players will be getting some of the missed items in a welcome back package to make up for lost time.

Meanwhile in Old School RuneScape, updates are continuing on as normal and this week’s update is live, which introduces a new fishing skill boss fight against Tempoross, the Spirit of the Sea. This encounter is described as “an all-new, fun and sociable way to train fishing” as well as one of the best ways to get fishing skill XP and promises an encounter that compliments existing fishing methods. Players will need to be at least level 35 in their fishing skill, and the boss scales for solo or group play.

The latest update has also introduced its own Easter event starring Gregg the Rabbit, who is ready to replace Easter with Eastdoor, while the game’s latest update post has more details about upcoming updates to PvP, the Report Abuse interface, and Pharaoh’s Sceptre drop rates.

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