SMITE marks its seventh anniversary with a four month-long event, new battle pass, and 15 days of gifts


It’s the seventh birthday of SMITE, and that means a whole lot of partying going on in the MOBA. The headline attraction of the game’s anniversary is the four month-long Talons of Tyranny event that features purchasable skins, a variety of new quests, and the transforming Forgotten Gods Chacc skin as a collections reward. On the subject of skins, there’s a new battle pass that celebrates pets. A total of four skins can be unlocked, including Heroic Husky Fenrir and Sushi Neko Bacchus (aka the sir pictured above).

In addition to the four month event, players can also rake in birthday gifts every day for logging in for a total of 15 days. Among these goodies are community-made fanart that has been transformed into profile avatars, the Classic Ao Kuang skin for Kukulkan after unlocking six items, and more.

Naturally, the latest update has brought a variety of adjustments and updates to the game. All of those details can be read in the patch notes.

source: press release

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