Trove’s Crack the Court update is live with a new delve biome, hovercycles, and UI mod tweaks


If you follow Gamigo’s Trove social media, you’ve been watching the studio chatter about Cracking the Court all week as it was put through its paces on the PTS – but now the update is live for everyone.

Crack the Court is essentially a brand-new delve-centric biome based on the existing Fae Wilds tilesets. Players will be romping around the new area in the hopes of scoring new amounts, minipets, banners, mementos, and matchmakers, as well as fighting minibosses in a new delve objective type. There are several other additions as well, including hovercyles (!), more mastery levels, darker delves, and bug fixes. Modders should probably take a peek at the new mod UI config options too.


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