Whatever happened to Riders of Icarus?


Riders of Icarus launched in 2016 as a rather unique title chiefly due to its mount and pet mechanics that gave everyone tameable, usable mounts that served as both transportation and companions. Despite that and its graphical flair, the game has had a somewhat turbulent history, and it appears to have gone into a somewhat dormant state for the past year or so.

Back in 2019, the publishing contract Nexon had to publish Riders of Icarus ran out, meaning that publishing duties for the game went to Valofe Global as publisher. When that happened, the new publisher promised fans that the game would be keeping more active in a post-Nexon environment, encouraging players to invest in the game and keep playing despite the fact that it was changing hands.

Considering the fact that the last time we had a major update to write about for the game was apparently in February of 2020, you might argue this didn’t happen. So what has happened?

The good news is that the game isn’t gone by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the game is apparently launching its next big update, Call of Nerhes, as of this writing. However, it’s a rather disjointed launch; the update page only seems to cover the new pets and the Manastone Battles and links to a trailer that has subsequently been deleted. What appears to be the actual trailer features no game footage but static screenshots with some animated text.

So the game is still going along, but it appears that the updates have remained slow and the player communication leaves something to be desired. The game’s Steam numbers haven’t moved much recently, either; while the game is available via other platforms and the charts don’t tell the whole story, they’re still worth noting. Hopefully for the fans this is the start of a period of movement rather than quiescence.

Source: Steam

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Bryan Correll

I just assumed that it flew too close to the Sun.

Sarnaut Explorer

I honestly haven’t thought about this game since launch


I think Nerdslayer’s next video is on this.


Server Files leaked. There are rogue servers available now.