Dauntless normalizes Trials power, adds hunt level requirements, and brings back Springtide in latest update


You know how you can tell you mean serious business when hunting in Dauntless? When you sport a pair of bunny-faced repeaters in battle. That’s one of the highlights of the multiplayer critter slaying RPG’s 1.5.6 update, which brings back the Springtide Easter holiday event. During the event, players will once more need to gather eggs, herd pufflehops, and fight styxians for a high score and Carrot Chips, which can be spent on cosmetics such as the cute yet alarming Pufflepoppers repeaters skin and a couple of other goodies.

Springtide isn’t the only thing arriving with this new update, however. There’s also been a normalization in power for Trials and other adjustments that were previously detailed; newly introduced gear level requirements for public hunts in order to ensure players arrive with the appropriate equipment; and improvements to the Core Breaker that clarifies current Core inventory and lets players open 10 Cores at a time. All of the details as well as a few smaller updates are in the patch notes.


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lets players open 10 Cores at a time

Praise be, fewer buttons to mash when I’ve got dozens of them and just want the goodies inside.