Elder Scrolls Online sends a clean-up crew to the Flames of Ambition dungeons


Just because a dungeon is all new and sparkly doesn’t mean that it’s at its best. After all, any MMORPG veteran knows that the freshest content is usually the buggiest — and in the most need of developer attention.

And so it is with Elder Scrolls Online’s first DLC of the year, Flames of Ambition. The two veteran dungeons that came with the update needed some clean-up work, which is the primary purpose of this week’s Patch 6.3.6. In addition to fixing some instance issues, the patch heads off crashes where they sleep and makes it possible once again for weapons to be seen during emotes.

Also, virtual visitors to Reaper’s March are getting more sensible: “The caravan in this area is now much less densely populated and gamblers won’t return as quickly if murdered.” Yeah, being murdered tends to have that effect.


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Vanquesse V

In case someone missed the news: as of a couple of hours ago, and running a week, there’s a 2x exp event in ESO “Jester’s Festival”