Final Fantasy XIV updates its Death Unto Dawn preview site with images and lore teasers


The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV is approaching quickly on April 13th, and players already have some new things to chew on from the latest update to the special preview site for the patch. A batch of new screenshots have just been uploaded along with previews of the next bits of the main story and the Sorrows of Werlyt line, along with the upcoming dungeon of Paglth’an… which is technically a larger region than what the upcoming dungeon will center around.

See, while the Amalj’aa roam the plains of Paglth’an, their permanent settlement at Zolm’ak serves as a respite from the nomadic herding of livestock. But the evidence of a tower means that something may be going amiss at the settlement… and this ties into the MSQ, which sees players further investigating these towers and the motives of Fandaniel as he seeks to usher in the Final Days once again. Players will also need to face off against the adamantine armor of the Diamond Weapon, making the conclusion of that particular conflict as it approaches Werlyt itself. Take a look at the full site if you’re curious for a little more lore.


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And they just put the complete edition on sale for 50% off too! Patch HYPE!