Blue Protocol shares some selfie time with a preview of photo mode

Oh, this is still a thing!

If it wasn’t really obvious, we love screenshots taken in MMOs. We also love when those MMOs offer a way for players to take dynamic screenshots, and that’s just what Blue Protocol will let its players do thanks to its photo mode.

The feature was showcased by the game’s Japanese Twitter account, which offered a quick video peek at the feature in action as well as several screenshots taken with photo mode. Blue Protocol’s photo mode has all the bells and whistles screenshot artists expect, like pan, zoom, angle, and blurring functions. So now we get confirmation that Blue Protocol players can share their fun, quirky, or badass moments while also learning that we have another way to feed Justin’s ever-ravenous, otherworldly, and boundless hunger for pretty screenshots. Please, keep helping us feed him. He’s looking at me right now, and he looks insatiable.

source: Twitter (1, 2) via Twinfinite
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