Final Fantasy XI gears up for a lighter patch in April

It continues.

The bad news for Final Fantasy XI fans is that the next version update for the game in early April will be a little bit thinner than it has been in recent months. The good news is that it’s not for any reason more elaborate than just having less development time and thus opting to spend most of it focusing on expected features. The further good news is, well, it’s still FFXI delivering regular monthly updates and more story content on a regular basis.

And there is more story content this month, with the final segment of the San d’Orian stretch of the Voracious Resurgence taking place this month. The other major update, naturally, is the latest round of Ambuscade fights for players to take on. So it’s a bit of a lighter month for the game, but considering the schedule of updates and the amount of more challenging content that’s been added recently, we suspect players will be all right with that.


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I’m still amazed how much new content a game supposedly in maintenance mode is getting, though.

Daniel Miller

Thats ok, most know a big patch or expansion or such was promised in 2022, the 20 year anniversary.