Starbase talks up planetary atmospheres and adds a ship diagnostic scanner, eyes early access for May 2021


Starbase has a number of updates to share, but one of the larger ones that we’ll be leading off with is a more narrow release window for the space building sandbox’s early access. Developer Frozenbyte is now eyeballing an early access launch for sometime in May 2021, with a date to be announced sometime in April, falling in line with the game’s previously announced aspirations to enter early access in the early part of this year.

As for the meat-and-potatoes update details, Starbase has put out a new video showing off planetary atmospheres and day/night cycles, as well as an in-development look at gas refineries and the use of gasses in crafting. Meanwhile, the latest weekly progress notes confirm developments like the addition of a ship diagnostic scanner to shops and the ship designer, the introduction of an auction house, and improvements to thruster consumption among other things.

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