Tencent is launching multiplayer survival game Undawn on PC and mobile this year


Did the world need another multiplayer survival title? Maybe not, but nobody’s gonna be sad to get a good one from a solid publisher sitting on a giant pile of money, I suspect. And that’s what’s happening, as this week Tencent – under its Lightspeed & Quantum banner – took the wraps off of Undawn, billing it as an Unreal Engine 4 post-apoc open world co-op action game with a survival twist.

“The world has been overrun by zombies, and it’s your job to survive and thrive in this hellish landscape. Combining both Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE) gameplay, Undawn is a fresh take on the open world survival experience. To survive in this huge environment, players will scavenge resources, craft better supplies and weapons, and battle with enemies both undead and very much alive. To thrive, players must band together with others to build unique shelters, trade resources, and stake out a homestead to protect themselves from the rampaging undead.”

Expect the game on mobile and PC “later this year.”

Source: Press release, official site, MMO Culture

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Robert Mann

Strikes in this for me:

1. Overrun by zombies
2. On mobile
3. Combining PvP and PvE

This describes a game that is lazy and unoriginal, will have things to reduce controls and complexity while maximizing monetization, and attempts to promote ‘excitement’ by having people wait to ambush you while you do something else which inevitably leads to either quitting or waiting to ambush for boring hours as nobody remains doing the other stuff.

Excuse me if I’m doubtful of the idea that this is ‘getting a good one’. It might be somebody’s jam, but it certainly has me in “You’ll have to really prove that you are worth more than a blanket dismissal” mode.


This reminded me of Secret World.

Jon Wax

Kinda need gameplay footage.

Seems like lately a lot of effort goes into trailers in an effort to downplay the lack of quality in the game loop.

If there are enough ai in the game to throttle frivolous pvp behavior and mitigate the difference between new players and vets it could be interesting.
If travel is difficult enough that running around shooting everything in site just gets you back to respawn they might have a chance

David Goodman

” Undawn is a fresh take on the open world survival experience.”

…then proceeds to describe a bunch of standard trope-requirements for every survival game.

And it’s zombies. Very unique guys, way to push that envelope.


If you’re press release starts with,” The world has been overrun by zombies” in 2021, its time to fire everyone in marketing and start fresh.

2Ton Gamer

lo, exactly. Input obligatory “you lost me at zombies” remark….


Aren’t the ravens one of the factions in Last of Us?

For a game launching this year that’s a pretty weak trailer.

Bruno Brito

Oh, for two seconds i thought Tencent would publish this directly. I was kinda curious to see that happening.

2Ton Gamer

A new survival game is not a bad thing, but another zombie one is not welcome news. I can appreciate attempts to try something new like Grounded or Valheim, but this is retread.