Wild Terra 2 patches in the ability to brew alcohol and get drunk

boozed snake

Huh? What? What do you want? What’s the problem? Oh. Right. News items. We’ve all been playing some Wild Terra 2, you know? The new patch added… it added… it added beer. So much beer. You can get, like… you can get drunk now. You can brew some beer. And other liquors. Gonna… gonna make some more beer. Had a lot of it so far. We should start a band. I love you guys. Holy crap, I love you guys so much, you’re all great.

What? What else is in the patch? I dunno, let’s look. Let’s read. There’s… oh, there’s a vomit potion, too. Now you can get less drunk with it. That’s gross. Health and stamina values are… they’re readable now. The regeneration of them is readable. You can known how much you’re healing. Why get healed when you can get plastered? Sounds like so much more fun. Here, you read the patch notes. I gotta… I gotta do a little nap now.

Source: Steam

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I wanna get chocolate wasted.