Last Oasis Season 3 breaks the map into Small Realms and brings the survival sandbox to Xbox Game Preview


It’s been one year since the woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis arrived to early access, and this time around the devs at Donkey Crew are looking to shake things up with the arrival of Season 3. Most notably, the game’s large world is now being broken up into Small Realms, which will hopefully allow the game to support more playstyles and allow the devs to more gardually balance the title.

These new Small Realms will feature a variety of different population caps to accommodate solo players, smaller clans or groups of friends, and larger clans, and will only last for a limited time, which the devs hope will let players try doing different things with their characters. As far as what maps will be available in these realms, those will roll out gradually, starting with Nomad’s Cradle and Canyon and moving up to higher tier maps.

“For Season 3, instead of once again trying to find the middle ground between those types of players, we’ve decided to shake things up and go for a completely new radical approach altogether,” explains the post. “We want to make it clear that we’re not afraid to try new things during Early Access if it means having a better game in the long run, and there isn’t a better time to try it out than the launch of Season 3.”

Smaller realms aren’t the only things arriving in Season 3, as the game will also see the addition of a new map, a flying Walker, new PvE content, and a big heckin’ sand worm. Furthermore, the game has also arrived to Xbox Game Preview, letting players either play cross-platform or on dedicated Xbox-only realms. You can get a look at these features in the changelog and the trailer below.

source: Steam

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I still don’t understand the appeal of “limited time” seasons and full server wipes. If I’m going to invest time in a game, then what I’d look for is that any progress I make stays forever (or until I admit I’m never going to do more than I have and move on.)

But then I’m not the target audience for this, and never was.


I’m the target audience and I don’t like it either. The core mechanic of the game, burning, is supposed to address asset creep. Instead of refining that mechanic they’re just doing what every other survival game does and reset entirely everything.
I’m not a particular fan of the melee centered focus of the combat (it has its moments) and now that they’re sharding everything there is very little reason to pick this game over other mini server survival games.