Pantheon aims high for its undated Alpha One test


Considering all of the crowdfunding invested and time spent waiting for Pantheon to be built, supporters of the upcoming MMO are undeniably eager to get their hands on the title — no matter how unfinished it may be. Visionary Realms attempted to set proper expectations for the upcoming Alpha One test in hopes that people wouldn’t be making this out to be more than it will be.

In this month’s producer’s letter, Ben Dean explained how Pantheon’s alpha test will be “different” and be positioned to make the best first impression it possibly can: “Thousands of people will experience Pantheon for the first time in alpha. We are in an era where certain expectations are set when it comes to a first hands-on look at a game. For better or worse, we do need to consider form as well.”

There is no date set for Alpha One just yet, and Dean says “don’t expect to see a solid date soon.”

According to Dean, Pantheon’s alpha debut is striving to include at least nine of the 12 classes, pets, basic guild functionality, the perception system, a LFG tool, a whole lot of backend work, and some — but not all — of Kingsreach.

“We are shooting for complete, non-grayboxed zones for Alpha One to represent a level 1-30 experience,” he said.

Source: Pantheon
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