Fallout 76 promises more PvP elements, details legendary crafting, and confirms aliens returning in AMA


As we covered previously, this past Tuesday saw Fallout 76’s project lead Jeff Gardiner and design director Mark Tucker take to the game’s subreddit for an AMA, and while some of the larger points were touched on previously, a recent update post on the game’s official site has shared a few more tidbits about what’s coming to the game in the future.

One of the answers highlighted in the post was related to whether the devs wished for more PvP features to be added to the game, which lead to confirmation that more PvP elements would be coming to worlds in a third quarter update, as well as more hardcore survival elements for private worlds.

Another answer talked about the legendary crafting element that was highlighted in the roadmap for this coming summer, explaining that the system shares some similarities to the current module system and will open it up to all weapons and armor, including Power Armor. There will also be new types of components, the ability to roll 1, 2 or 3 Star items on a selected item type, and the ability to re-roll Legendary items.

Finally, if you’re the sort of Fallout fan that misses having aliens in the world of FO76, then you’ll love the upcoming Public Challenges feature, which is described as being similar to Seasonal Events but on a world scale to encourage players to work together to succeed; the Zetan alien race will be in the first Public Challenge, with more to come in the future.


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