RuneScape will begin returning accounts next week, outlines compensation and events arriving in April


The road to this point for RuneScape has been a long and bumpy one that we’ve been highlighting over the past few weeks, but now it looks like normalcy is coming to the fans and the devs. A lengthy post on the game’s website has confirmed that wider account restoration is now set to begin, kicking off sometime next week after a generally successful Account Integrity Beta.

While news that account restoration will begin is certainly welcome for impacted players, Jagex stresses that this progress “is the start of a journey rather than the finish line”; account restoration will be a rolling process, starting with accounts that the devs feel are in a strong restoration state, while the team will continue to work in parallel to help more adversely impacted accounts. Players who will be among the returnees next week will be notified via email.

On the subject of restored accounts, the post points out that there are a few known issues for those who will be returning, including disorganized bank space, a potential loss for Invention Perks which will be compensated in some manner, and a rollback of player progress for Player Owned Farms and the Ranch Out Of Time. With that said, Jagex is committed to aftercare, such as the ability for players to flag anything that doesn’t seem right via a special player support form.

As for wider compensation for the mess, Jagex is planning on making the month of April “a month to remember,” with subscriber credit for Members, a month of double Daily Keys as well as a Goodwill Bundle for subscribers and free players, and a month of “Awesome April” events for everyone including weeks of boosts to skilling, combat, and Distractions Diversions and Dailies. It will all cap out with a special event by the end of April, which promises to “[grant] some special wishes for everyone.”


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