AdventureQuest 3D adds a new level cap, new dungeon, and new gear with the Sandsea Saga


It’s time to get your feet in the Sandsea in AdventureQuest 3D as the MMORPG’s latest update introduces a whole lot of desert-based goodness for players to explore. The whole update takes place in the titular Sandsea and the town of Bastion, where level 31 characters can now level themselves up to the new level cap of level 32.

As one might expect from a new location with a new max level, there are new threats to face in the form of the Aquifier dungeon where players must figure out what’s poisoning the water of Bastion (hint: it’s a poison monster). There are also some new pieces of gear to chase after, including a light Star Hood and foot wraps for gold and colorful armors and belts in a desert area style that can be crafted with Bastion Bucks and Vials of Slimy Residue, which are earned from completing a daily quest and from the monsters in the Aquifier respectively.

Players of AQ3D who are curious to know more can read the announcement post, or you can get a look at MJ’s recent livestream in the embed after the cut.


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