Ashes of Creation discusses the process for combat changes, promises up to eight dungeons for alpha


This past Friday saw another livestream from the devs of Ashes of Creation and you’ll never guess what they were talking about. Go on, guess. Wait, you saw the headline and probably knew coming in here that they had a lot to say about the upcoming alpha one test. Or you’ve been following along and know that alpha is coming (if not delayed a bit). Boy, I sure am bad at setting up these guessing games.

Yes, much of the discussion was about working on the polish for the game’s June alpha, with a primary focus on combat changes. The team is using a brand new tool to author abilities and work on them more responsibly, while the devs plan on introducing “additional things, weird stuff, cool stuff and more.” The updates to combat are likely going to arriving little by little and will ask for a lot of feedback from players, but the end goal should mean combat will feel better overall.

On the subject of polish, Ashes’ version of Unreal Engine has seen an upgrade from 4.25 to 4.26, while the devs are further working with their current testers to smooth out recently discovered problems to accommodate 250v250 PvP. Lastly, the stream confirmed that there will be something for the PvE-minded player as well, with plans to have around seven to eight dungeons in the alpha build.

Fans of the developing MMORPG can check out the full broadcast in the embed below or check out this Ashes Post summary.

source: Ashes Post

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Jeremy Barnes

Ashes of Promises


Jeff says “something like 6 or 7 dungeons”. He definitely does not promise up to eight.


Gotta hand it to the studio. They may not be making the game people crowd funded for but it’s beginning to come together. Still another 2-3 years to go.

Jo Watt

What are you referring to specifically? Not everything is in place sure but as this is a real alpha and not an eastern translation “alpha” there is still a lot to go for them to finish the ground work before they even get into the smaller systems.


While I am in the alpha, I have yet to play due to it being cancelled earlier due to “various issues”, the last was over pretty much before it started so… yeah. I’m not sure what the difference between a real alpha is and an eastern translation one but I wouldn’t count any of them so far to be a visible success.

Jo Watt

Real alpha means they are still in very early stages of development with generally only having the core systems running and of course there will end up being delays but at least you can actually visibly see their progress.

An eastern translation alpha is what we have mainly been seeing and what a lot of mmo players think of when it comes to “alphas” meaning the game is 100% finished and just needs a server test and translation from native language.