EVE Online outlines plans for a major manufacturing shakeup in April and beyond

Big ego.

Some big changes are coming to the industry side of EVE Online starting in April. The current plan is to reorganize and change the requirements needed for manufacturing ships of all types, with particular focus being paid to Tier I ships in this reorganization, as well as the resource requirements of battleships, capitals, and supercapitals. It’s big enough that the update is being rolled out in two parts, with the first part making sure everyone has access to the components which will be required in the future and a later patch changing the blueprint materials.

Players can also look forward to a lot more Mycoserocin gas as that’s becoming a far more frequently needed material, with both lowsec and nullsec regions gaining new clouds to harvest. And there are more update due in April as well, with EDENCOM modules becoming less material-intensive to manufacture and average bounties increased for the dynamic bounty system. Check out the full preview for an idea of what’s being rolled out for manufacturing moguls.


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Aaron Weddle

honestly industry in EVE has needed some work for many years

John Mclain

Better part of a decade in fact. Ever since an individual player could build capitals with ease. Everything got screwed up when they kept increasing mining yields, added barges, rorqs, orcas… etc. Increasing the amount you could mine by an order of magnitude. Yet ships kept costing the same thing to build that they did wayyyy back when they were introduced.