In-development MMO Profane outlines how dungeons might work in its PvP sandbox


You’d be forgiven for believing that a PvP sandbox like Profane wouldn’t really be big on having dungeons in it, but that doesn’t appear to be the case thanks to details shared by the devs in another Twitter-based info dump.

The way the devs at Insane see it, dungeons could be done in three different ways: as non-instanced locations in the open world, such as points of interest, NPC or monster lairs, or a territory conquered by a bigger faction; as locations accessed by opening a portal that will be available to enter for a limited time by anyone nearby, not just the portal’s owner; and as MTX in the form of Adventure Packs that offer “specific linear lore and art rich adventure” while offering cosmetic rewards instead of stat-improving gear in order to avoid pay-to-win.

However dungeons do arrive to Profane, the devs want them to bring dynamism to the game’s world, whether it’s by dungeon clears having an effect on the course of the world’s history or having players team up with an NPC faction that they’re friendly with. “In Profane, clearing a dungeon won’t just mean visiting a place with a pre-determined narrative in a linear content,” the thread promises. “These are systems that are part of Profane’s constant history, where nothing is permanent.”

It is important to note that many of these concepts are just that — concepts — but the thread does provide some intriguing if nebulous ideas.

Get caught up on what the game is all about:


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Let us not forget “Darkness Falls”, probably the greatest PvP dungeon ever designed.

DAoC provided this area and it was absolutely fantastic. Great rewards were to be had for adventuring there. Players would actually ‘hide out’ there, waiting for the faction ownership of the dungeon to shift and for it to be flooded with enemy players, ripe for the plucking. Was grand until the assassins were hunted down and eliminated by the new owners. :)

Good Times were had by all!