Albion Online’s daily pop rises to 140K players ahead of summer mobile launches


2020 was good for Albion Online and its studio Sandbox Interactive: We’ve been reporting over the last year how the game has continued to rise in population, notably reaching 125K players a day last fall. No doubt that’s a large part of why the company allowed itself to be bought out by a Swedish mobile outfit in December for over $100M US.

But as it happens, the game has only continued growing over the last three months, as now Sandbox reports that it’s surpassed the 140K daily player mark “for the first time in the game’s history,” owing to the latest launch. Here’s a clip from the PR:

“This new milestone was reached in the final weeks of March, after the release of the major Call to Arms content update. The game’s population grew steadily throughout the previous year, starting with the major Queen update in January and increasing further during worldwide lockdowns. Summer 2020 brought the game’s third anniversary in July and the Rise of Avalon update in August, which along with numerous new features also brought Korean and Simplified Chinese language support to the game, bringing in substantial new players from East Asia. By fall, the game had reached a new peak of 125,000 players, and the trend has continued into the new year.”

The devs are promising (finally!) the mobile launch this summer, so if you’ve been waiting forever for that, you haven’t got much longer to fret.

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Source: Source: Press release. This post’s headline was edited to correct the M to K. We regret the typo!

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Personally not a fan of the combat (similar to EVE) but it again goes to show there is a market for PvP/competitive titles in the MMO space.