Final Fantasy XI plans a variety of bonus events throughout April along with the usual egg hunt

We have eggs! Eggs you smashed. Jerks.

Final Fantasy XI is going to make you hunt eggs in April. This is familiar to any long-time player of the game, naturally. Starting on April 5th, you will be hunting letter-bearing eggs that spell various things like the first three letters of your character name, alphabetical sequences starting from your first letter, or seven-of-a-kind batches of any one letter. It’s all good fun and it lets you spell things in your bazaar, but at this point it’s pretty rote and expected.

What’s slightly less expected are all of the various buff campaigns that the game is kicking off on April 9th, ranging from bonuses to Delve to getting better results from Arcane Glyptics during the duration of the events. There are also bonus drops in macrocosmic orb battlefields, more personal drops in high-end story battles, and even more. Check out the official rundown of all the various bonus events stacking up for the duration, making it the perfect time to play even if you’re a bit sick of eggs.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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