Final Fantasy XIV updates the digital fan festival and patch 5.5 sites

Fingerblasting, I guess.

Patch 5.5 is just around the corner for Final Fantasy XIV, and that means more updates to the special preview site for the patch. The latest update includes a section about the open beta for the game’s PlayStation 5 version, starting on patch day (April 13th), along with a preview of the fight against Diamond Weapon. There’s also a glance at the new celebrations taking place in the Firmament now that Ishgard’s restoration of the district has been completed.

But there’s more for fans to look forward to a month after the patch as the game’s digital fan festival kicks off on May 14th. But the festival won’t just be a matter of special panels being streamed; instead, it’s going to include digital events to celebrate the game including a special Moogle Tomestone event, limited-time stickers for the game’s photo mode, digital challenges to reach the bottom of the Canals of Uzanir, and recipes from the Eorzea Cafe that players can make at home. Just because it’s digital doesn’t have to mean losing out on camaraderie.


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