Agony of a Dying MMO is an atmospheric narrative game about players’ final hours in a sunsetting MMO


How do you cope with the closing hours of an MMO as it shuts down? We all have a variety of answers to this question, but there’s a narrative-driven horror game that seeks to touch on a few of those feelings. It’s called Agony of a Dying MMO, a game that’s part of a bundle of indie horror games packed in the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 collection.

In Agony, the titular dying MMO is being shuttered after the developers introduced a playable Nazi faction that transformed the MMO’s community into a toxic cesspool, fracturing the community and driving people away. Players of Agony experience this MMO’s final moments from several different perspectives as they wrestle with the reality of their favorite title’s closure and a variety of other issues, as well as the search for Adam, a hidden NPC that supposedly grants ultimate power to anyone who finds him.

Gameplay in Agony appears to be very light, with most of the game experienced via voice-acted comms. Agony only has an alpha demo that’s playable currently, but you can get a look at said demo gameplay in the embed after the cut.

source: Haunted PS1 Demo Disc via, thanks Schlag for the tip!

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Turing fail
Turing fail

Reminds me of a very poignant 99% Invisible episode about the final moments of Sims Online. I never played the game, but admit that the emotional impact of the moment truly touched me.

The heartfelt farewell from the player in this final recording as the server shut down, and the music accompanying his goodbye made me think of the Titanic’s orchestra playing as the great ship died and slipped into the deep with its doomed passengers and crew.