Dungeons and Dragons Online activates its fourth permadeath server season


You’ve only got one life to live in Dungeons and Dragons Online — so make it a good one. The doors to DDO’s permadeath server is open once more, as the MMO is running the fourth iteration of the Hardcore League from March 31st to June 29th.

So why would you want to play a mode where your character is lost the moment death occurs? Because there are rewards, silly. By meeting certain thresholds during the Hardcore League, players can earn a Daelkyr steed mount, an Overlord collar, a cloak, a pet, and a Death Walker’s Sash for the regular servers.

Plus, your characters aren’t lost for good — once the server wraps up its run, players have the option to transfer those dead corpses onto live realms to resume their journeys. SSG’s Jerry Snook spoke about this development on the latest episode of DDOCast:

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks Brandon and DDOcentral!

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Mimic survival guide:

Mimics are fake chests that can spew acid dots, slow your character, and have a bite that makes Jaws self-conscious of his nibbler. On HCL-IV, every chest is potentially a mini-boss out to eat you.

1. Acid resistance potions are available in the center of the stormreach market. At level 1-4, these can reduce the dot damage of mimics by 10 per tick. At level 5, you can buy an improved version.

2. As a matter of principle, Mimics don’t like to eat noobs. They will not spawn if a level 1 or 2 player opens the chest, but they can still spawn if a level 1 player is in a quest when a chest is opened by a level 3 player. As mimics can only spawn on first opening of a chest, mixed groups of low level players should have level 1 and 2 players open the chests first.

3. Be proactive. Attack the area around a chest before opening if you are melee. If you are ranged, open and leap back to avoid the mimic’s lick attack, which causes the slow and sets you up to take more and more stacks of acid dots. Don’t let the loot window entice you- no matter how good it is, it will still be there if you survive the mimic.

4. Every spawn – including mimics – can spawn a reaper in reaper mode. If a carnage reaper spawns on a mimic spawn, kill the reaper first. The slow from the mimic combined with the 1 to 2 shot melee attack of the carnage reaper will destroy you if you don’t all swap target appropriately, and on hardcore that could cause you to reroll from scratch.

5. Don’t loot alone. Mimics are much more difficult to solo than when handled by a party in position to gank any sinister storagery.

Mimics are wrecking the playerbase right now, with any given minute seeing a handful of deaths. But these can be avoided with a bit of preparation.

Stay alive, stay together!

Jason Clearwater

The Mimic Hunt has also been activated on the Hardcore League Season 4 server, which means massive deaths among the players. All chests can become mimics when opened!

Jason Clearwater

There will also be another Hardcore League season (Season # 5) later in 2021. Details to be announced in the Fall sometime.