Elder Scrolls Online drops Blackwood trailer, announces next-gen ‘Console Enhanced’ edition


Among the most interesting announcements made during today’s Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood preview stream was ZeniMax’s revelation that it’s releasing an “enhanced” edition for the newest-gen consoles. The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced will launch for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, free for all owners of the game on Xbox One and PS4.

The studio says the new version “represents a major leap forward for the game’s performance and visuals” on the consoles, with 60 FPS in performance mode or native 4K 30FPS in fidelity mode. ZeniMax also promises improved draw distance and loading times (“nearly cut in half on average, enabling console players to remain immersed in ESO’s stunning world with less waiting”) as well as tweak for reflections, shadows, depth of field, ambient occlusion with screen space global illumination, antialiasing, and textures.

Fans of the MMO in general, however, will probably be even more interested in the preview of Blackwood itself, which offered a look at the companion system and the regions of Oblivion that’ll be on offer – including Leyawiin.

“Additionally, players can look forward to our all-new Companions System, designed so whether you play single-player or with friends online, you’ll never have to adventure alone again. Unlocked via the Blackwood main storyline, players can choose between two new companions to start with, whose playstyle you’ll define through selecting their gear and leveling up their skills. Each companion has their own personality, likes and dislikes, and unique questlines. Oh, and be careful with your actions as the deeds you perform will influence rapport with your companion.

“Looking to explore some new yet very, very familiar lands? Journey back to iconic locations from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, complete with Leyawiin serving as the Blackwood region’s central hub. Beyond its towering walls lies three distinct biomes, filled with the sinister minions of Mehrunes Dagon, the new Rockgrove 12-player Trial, world bosses, public dungeons, Oblivion Portal World Events and rewards.”

Source: Press release

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Bruno Brito

Nice, now i can see how my character fashion looks like complete dogshit in high detail.

Dug From The Earth

Think they will ever update their rock/stone textures that were obviously taken from the playstation 2 and placed on ALL other platforms, to something a bit higher resolution?


I’m still not really a fan of 4k all around, but it’s pretty much impossible to buy a relatively new TV that isn’t at least 4k.

Chaos Engine

“Next gen”? Wouldn’t that be the Playstation 6?