Elite Dangerous patches in faster system map loading and several fixes for the Odyssey alpha


With phase one of the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey alpha well underway, there have been a few more pressing matters that have cropped up that require the application of hotfixes. After all, while this is and alpha and broken things are to be expected, some things can be a bit too broken.

The day of the alpha’s release saw one such hotfix address a couple of specific crashes for entering supercruise or using the Galaxy Map’s search function and a fix that was preventing some transportation missions appearing, while another hotfix released yesterday applied a couple more fixes to missions and improved the system map loading time.

As we’ve reported before, alpha testing of Odyssey is set to move through four phases, with each phase running for approximately a week. There are no new details for whether phase one is being extended or when it will end, but we at least know that it’s at least being patched.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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