New World discusses the ‘vision’ behind its alpha dungeons


“Expeditions” turns out to be a pretty popular concept right about now, but New World’s might be a bit different from what you’re expecting, as that’s Amazon Game Studios’ term for basic three-to-five-person dungeons. The studio penned a dev blog today detailing what players can expect from the content, specifically from the Amrine Excavation and the Garden of Genesis expeditions that recently dropped into the alpha.

AGS says that it has three “pillars” (arg, no, stop) for is vision (ahhh! why?) for expeditions: They are balanced for five players and require teamwork; the loot will be awesome and the mechanics unique; and each one will “tell its own story and be a unique experience” rather than be, well, just like the dungeon you did last level but slightly harder. You be the judge whether these descriptions match the pillars:

“The Amrine Excavation is a dig site just west of Amrine temple, where famed archeologist Simon Grey and his team have been missing for some time. It’s up to players to venture into the depths of this troubled dig site to uncover their fate and discover what happened with the Ancient technology they unearthed. With a level 25 requirement, the Amrine Excavation is meant to be an introductory experience to Expeditions. Players will find that the mechanics of the puzzles difficulty and AI are scaled accordingly.

“In Edengrove, Survivalist Ellwood has discovered a garden where the Angry Earth are born. Like the rest of Edengrove, the garden has been infected with a mysterious Blight. If allowed to spread, the Blight will continue leech out of the Garden and threaten the inhabitants of Aeternum. Players must face the Garden’s protectors in order to penetrate to the nursery’s primordial heart, purge the Blight, and begin the Garden’s restoration. As an an end-game Expedition intended for level 60 players, the Garden of Genesis will serve as a more challenging experience. With these higher level Expeditions, players can expect to solve different types of puzzles, fight varying AI, and more have even more challenging experiences.”

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