No Man’s Sky adds a multiplayer-focused mode and improved multiplayer missions in the Expeditions update


Remember when No Man’s Sky woefully underdelivered with regards to its multiplayer offerings? That seems like so long ago and the new Expeditions update is going to make that flub feel even further away as the survival sandbox has added a new limited-time multiplayer-focused mode known as Expedition mode, the first of which, known as Pioneers, is starting today.

In Expedition mode players will arrive together with a pre-created character and randomized tools in one area. The overall goal is to complete Milestone objectives over the course of several different phases. Each Expedition is promised to be unique and carry different themes, and each Milestone is open-ended and can range from simple to challenging. Furthermore, following the Expedition route will introduce players to new Rendezvous Points, effectively creating planetary social hubs for players to enjoy.

Those who join in on Expeditions will receive unique rewards, with the Pioneers Expedition offering up goodies like Atlas-shaped fireworks, a golden Vector spaceship, a golden helmet, a streamlined cosmetic Jetpack, and a unique golden flag base item among other goodies.

The Expeditions update adds more for those who are simply looking for basic multiplayer as well. Players can look forward to new missions available at the Nexus every weekend, gameplay additions like the use of a new Target Sweep scanner applied to multiplayer missions, and a host of other multiplayer mission improvements and bug fixes.

Finally, the overall game itself sees new features like an improved HUD, visual improvements for explorer ships, some UI adjustments for planetary POI icons and the mission board, an improved pinning system, rebalanced recipe costs, and more generous metal yields from resources deposits among other things. The patch notes and update landing page offer up all the details.

source: official site, thanks to Rick for the tip!
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